terry-baksay-IMG_9716The Major pros have been done for quite awhile now, and with the FLW Rayovac Championship unfolding a couple weekends ago, it’s safe to say the 2014 tournament season is pretty much in the books.

While we’ve highlighted the Major anglers throughout the season, they’re hardly the only anglers we rank. With that, we wanted to look at how the top 10 in the Minors-Only Ranking has changed.

At the start of 2014, this is what the top 10 looked like:

1 Jeff Michels 903.201

2 Brandon McMillan 891.326

3 Trevor Fitzgerald 885.858

4 Stephen Johnston 884.577

5 Kris Wilson 871.974

6 Chris McCall 853.069

7 Joseph Kremer 849.847

8 Joseph Wood 847.767

9 Zachary King 844.477

10 Timmy Reneau 831.931

So how many of them are still in the top 10? A grand total of three – Fitzgerald, McCall and Wood. Surprisingly, McCall and Wood still hold down the exact same spots in the rankings.

1 Terry Baksay 871.366

2 Todd Auten 869.571

3 James Stricklin 844.891

4 David Kilgore 820.169

5 Dennis Berhorst 819.906

6 Chris McCall 811.166

7 Trevor Fitzgerald 808.383

8 Joseph Wood 805.569

9 Brian Clark 799.028

10 Jeff Avery 797.419

Still, that’s a 70-percent turnover in the top 10, and realistically, it easily could be a 100-percent turnover. Between the larger number of anglers and the smaller sample size (Minors-Only Ranking only requires five tournaments in a two-year span as opposed to 10 like the Majors Ranking), it’s incredibly hard to stay on top.

Look at Jeff Michels. One of the best anglers out West, he slipped to 31st by the end of this year. Reneau, the owner of Power Tackle, is a stick in Texas, but he still slipped to 56th. Basically, it’s tough.

Meanwhile, Baksay started the year in 37th. Then the former FLW Tour angler put together a solid year (two top-25 finishes) and dropped a bad tournament from 2012 to boost him all the way up to the No. 1 spot. And right behind him is another former FLW Tour angler in Auten, how put together a very impressive first season solely devoted to the Minors.

The 2014 season has been over for about a month, at least for the Major pros. Here’s a quick recap of the pros who took home the top awards this year (in order of when they were won): Bassmaster Classic winner: Randy Howell FLW Tour Angler of the Year: Andy Morgan Forrest Wood Cup winner:

Well, that was one of the more interesting ways to finish off the season. The Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship at Bays de Noc did what it was designed to do: Crown an Angler of the Year Champion. And in the end, the best angler of the year, Greg Hackney, finished high enough

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