000241685_original_650x650Maybe we should’ve seen this coming.

Prior to this weekend, few knew of Bradley Dortch, at least not on a national level. One look at his recent history, though, and it starts to make sense how the FLW Tour rookie came from behind to win the Harris Chain event this weekend, despite it being just his third Major-level event.

Dortch has proven to be quite the stick on spawn and post-spawn events in recent years. In the months of March, April and May the last two years he hasn’t finished outside the top 25 in five Minor-level events, and that includes a FLW Southeastern Costa Series win on Wheeler. Only time will tell if he can continue that streak at Cumberland, Beaver Lake and LaCrosse the next two months.

As for his ranking, he hasn’t qualified for the Majors Ranking, yet.

One guy who certainly has, though, is Bryan Thrift, who is back at No. 1 after his fifth-straight top 10 finish. Thrift already has the FLW record for consecutive top 10s, but he’s gunning for Kevin VanDam’s streak of nine, now.

Meanwhile, Andy Morgan is back at No. 2 thanks to his top-20 finish, while former No. 1, Chris Johnston, slipped to sixth after he stumbled at the Harris Chain.

By now you’ve probably heard about Tim Horton held on for his first win in a decade at the Elite Series event on Okeechobee over the weekend. But did you realize there were seven other Regional and Minor-level tournaments being held the same weekend? That means nearly 1,900 anglers competed in professional tournaments this weekend,

A couple weeks ago we were talking about how Mark Rose is the best angler on TVA waters. Now, he’s putting himself in the conversation as the best in the sport. Rose became the first back-to-back winner in the 20-year history of the FLW Tour after his win this weekend on Lake Travis (he won

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